Fireplace mantels

Fireplace mantels

Mantels - Most people love to decorate their fireplace mantels with some decorative items to give the place a catchy look. Most houses in the northern region have fireplace in their homes and if you notice to leave the fireplace alone without any decoration will look very untidy. Mantels are such things which are built or installed around the fireplace for decoration purposes.

These mantels are made of different materials and you can choose from a wide variety of design and structures to install around your fireplace. Mantels are available marbles and stones, these two are popularly used around the world and they are in demand because stone and marble mantels give a neat and elegant look. Good design and color of the mantels can boost the look of the place and will easily compliment with the d├ęcor and furniture of the room.

Stone mantels are usually made of different stones such as granite, limestone and river rock. Stone mantels are suited for large fireplaces and they are beneficial because they do not get damaged or scratched easily. Stone mantels will not break or get damaged unless serious damage is caused through the use of hammers and other sharp materials. Stone mantels tend to last for a life time and there will hardly be any need of replacing it. You can find stone mantels in variety of designs and colors which will easily blend will the environment of the room.

The best way to buy stone mantels is to search through the internet and you will see so many lists of mantel providers and you can check on their websites for their designs. You will surely be amazed to see that fireplace mantels are boosted when they have such beautifully crafted stone mantels built in them. You can see more than hundreds of designs and it will be hard for you to choose the best because there is a wide variety of designs that it becomes difficult to select. But you will definitely choose the one which you think will easily blend with the interior decoration, furniture and color of the room.

You can get the mantel built according to your specifications, though it will cost you a bit more than applying cast stone or limestone in pieces. The benefit of your custom built mantel will be that it is your own design and you will have no complaints later because you will design it yourself. You can select from a variety of cast stones which are in different colors and built from different stones. You can see fabricated pieces of lime stones as well which are built in different designs.

Stone mantels give a very natural look to the surrounding and give a cozy feeling to the room. Stone mantels are being used since hundreds of years because stone mantels were the first mantels which originated in the form of fireplace by cutting through walls.


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